Successful Parenting

"The Fighter": A Movie To Watch With Your Teen

Sometimes you need other people to convey to your teen a message that they might not listen to if it comes from a parent. Its not always that you can't say it, it's just that you don't have the credibility to say it. You need to find another way. You need to find another person sometimes. Sometimes, it's a movie that can get the message across.

"The Fighter" is such a movie, featuring a riveting performance by Mark Wahlberg, the rapper turned amazing actor.  Like the heroes Wahlberg most likely needed as role models to change his life, he brings to the screen the struggle of an ordinary person doing something extraordinary: getting up off the canvas when he's been knocked down.

Using Sports As A Carrot To Help Academic Performance

Sports can be a great carrot to get your teen to improve their academic performance. Whether your teen is a barely average student or is getting better than average grades, playing sports can actually help them improve their grades, with studies showing that both boys and girls who play sports tend to get better grades.
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