Child Development

Riding A Bike: Safety and Developmental Issues for Parents

Learning to ride a bike is a rite of passage in childhood but not all kids learn at the same pace and many parents find the process mystifying. There are many safety issues to consider but the biggest hurdles are developmental. Here are some tips and concepts to help you help your child master this age-old

A Lesson From The Bad News Bears

Last year, my daughter, then 12, played on a town softball team that had less than a stellar season on paper that is still being talked about a year later - by the girls on the team and the parents involved. This experience embodied everything good and bad about

Even Olympians Were Once Kids...and Some Were Allowed To Act Like Them!

Reading this story a couple of months ago was music to my ears! Ryan Lochte, an elite, Olympic swimmer did not lift weights as a kid. Was his dad a visionary or just being overly cautious?
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