Coaching Girls

Coaching Girls: Just Let Them Talk!

Social interaction is particularly important for girls, so Wheelock College Director of Athletics and Sports-Based Initiatives, Diana Cutaia, advises coaches of girls who say all they want to do is talk to do just that.

Why So Many Coaches Have Anger Issues

Why do so many youth sports coaches have anger issues?

Why do so many youth sports coaches have anger issues? This is real simple to answer. Because they are not as good of teachers as they think they are. But it takes more than a sentence to explain.

Respect of Coaches Is Earned in Many Ways

With no disrespect  to my young educated readers, I’m going  to start this article with the dictionary definition of respect.    (transitive verb)  : to consider worthy of high regard.  After reading the definition of respect, a lot of questions came to mind. Like, how many young athletes out there respect their coach and how many don’t? How many coaches respect their athletes, or don’t?  How many parents respect their kids coach, or don’t? How many coaches respect the team parents?  Above all, why does it matter and where and how does respect happen. Wow, way too many questions.

There are lots of ways a youth sports coach can earn the respect of his or her players and their parents.

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