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Youth Sports Concussion Safety Laws: Utah

In March 2011, Utah governor Hebert signed the state's Protection of Athletes with Head Injuries Act into law. 

Key provisions of the law, which takes effect May 20, 2011, are as follows:

  • Concussion policy: Requires amateur sports organizations to adopt and enforce a concussion and head injury policy that describes the nature and risk of concussions, including the danger of continuing to play after sustaining a concussion, and that coaches be familiar with and have a copy of the policy.  [Note: unlike laws recently enacted in other states, the Utah does not require completion by coaches of an annual concussion education course].
  • Informed consent: Mandates that parents receive a written copy of the concussion policy and provide written consent before a child is permitted to participate in sports.
  • Removal and return to play:  
    • Immediate removal from participation if child is suspected of having sustained a concussion
    • No return to play until evaluation by a qualified health care provider trained in the evaluation and management of concussion and written clearance stating that the provider has, within the past three years, successfully completed a continuing education course in the evaluation and management of concussion and that the child is cleared to return to play.

Posted March 31, 2011