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Dirt, Drama and Distance

It is late on Wednesday night, well, actually it is very early Thursday morning and in light of recent actions, I just can't sleep.  My mind keeps ruminating over the past weekend and our recent trip to the San Diego area for Nicholas' final BMX National event until the Grands.  It was an emotional weekend, as it is his last race as a 7-year-old and also because it was a very difficult weekend for him emotionally and mentally.

One Year Older and Miles Forward

It has been awhile since I have contributed a blog article to this website; a year of grief, chaos, school, travel and sporting events keeping me from my passion of writing.  Although I have not written here, I continue to visit this site and my previous articles to revisit just how far Nicholas has come as an athlete an individual and, more importantly, just how far our family has come as a "team".  

Summer Madness

Summer Madness

Just the beginning...

My dad always says, "race update, I need a race update." Of course, my dad is one of the world's longest-standing and biggest NASCAR, drag, funny car, BMX, you name it, race fan.

Here's the race update:

Friends along Enemy Lines

It's been awhile since my last blog post. I kept trying to sit down and write what was on my mind, which has been a lot of things, and everytime I tried, I just pushed it away and did something else. I want to write about the US Nationals we attended in early May, the national that proceeded Oregon. I want to write about the weeks of health issues, stress, anxiety and preparation that followed. I have thoughts on New Mexico, a trip that just finished up and finally, I want to write about the ins-and-outs, emotions, drama, fellowships, of all this racing and traveling.

The Road to Recovery

I have had a recent request to continue to post blogs regarding my son, and family's, experiences in the BMX racing world. I am happy, and honored, to do this as writing gives me an outlet that I don't always get in conversation and also because I am simply inspired by my children and what they have given me.

Preparing for the "Big Event" lightly...

It's a beautiful Monday morning and Nick got off to school as usual; oatmeal, vitamin, shower, essentials, backpack with standard lunch and a quick walk across the street with mom and sissy to first grade. Sounds easy enough, and it needs to be as our family is on the cusp of one of Nick's biggest races of the season. We should be excited, anxious and talking it up and we are, that is my husband and I - alone and out of ear shot of Nick.

Winning the Battle of the Brain

I remember the day that my son, Nicholas, sat on his first BMX bike like it was an hour ago. The moments of that evening are forever captured in my mind; partially because it was my son's first exposure to a sport he would participate in and also because it marked what would become one of the most life-changing experiences I have gone through. It was a very warm Saturday evening in July 2007. My husband, Greg, and I were outside visiting with a friend and our neighbors when we decided we wanted to go do something.

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