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Grants And Funding Opportunities

In our ongoing effort to make youth sports “more affordable” MomsTeam will add to this list as new opportunities present themselves. We will also make announcements to Twitter and Facebook pages so be sure to Like and Follow us there too. If you would like to add to the list please send an email to: info@momsteam.com


SNY PLAY BALL! presented by Citi is a program to support youth baseball and softball leagues/divisions (players ages 6-12 only) in communities in the New York metropolitan area, including New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania (Pike County) and Long Island 

Bug Off! Why 'Skeeter Skidaddler May Be An Ideal Team Fundraiser

How many times have you watched a game or tournament and the only thing you recall years later were the flies and mosquitoes?

I can remember coaching many a Memorial Day soccer tournament, and mostly what I recall were the black flies that always seemed to hatch at the same time (Is it just me or does it seem that many athletic fields are built close to swamps?) Not to mention the bites I got from those nasty green heads when I was trying to sunbathe on the sandy beach where I grew up in Massachusetts.  'Skeeter Skedaddler

Pride, Spirit and Fundraiser Profits

The Stickyfan.com Pre-sell Program is a sure-fire way to raise money for your organization. What’s especially nice is you don’t have to spend any up-front money and Stickyfan.com will do most of the work for you.   So, if you are looking for a simple way to raise money, with no up-front investment and a great looking product call or visit Stickyfan.com to learn more.

Major League Baseball Foundation

The Major League Baseball Foundation supports many organizations through its Baseball Tomorrow Fund and through its Rookie League. The Baseball Tomorrow Fund is a joint initiative between Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association. The mission of the Baseball Tomorrow Fund is to promote and enhance the growth of baseball in the United States, Canada and throughout the world by funding programs, fields and equipment purchases to encourage and maintain youth participation in the game. 

Amelia Peabody Foundation

The primary mission of the Amelia Peabody Foundation is to increase the number, range and depth of positive learning experiences available to materially disadvantaged youth living in the cities and towns of Massachusetts.


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Grants To Build Skateboard Parks

The primary mission of the Tony Hawk Foundation is to promote high quality, public skate parks in low-income areas throughout the United States. Not every area can afford to build big, expensive skateparks, the foundation feels strongly that public skateparks should be designed and constructed by experienced contractors. They also believe that local officials should treat public skateparks the same way they treat public basketball courts or tennis courts, meaning that anyone may show up and use them anytime, unsupervised.

My Team Jewelry

My Team Jewelry.  At My Team Jewelry you will find a unique and fun way to show your team spirit at the same time helping your team or organization raise money. 
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