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Happiness is a new set of Leathers

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It seems it wasn't that long ago when Wolf bought his first set of leathers. They were used, but still had some life left in them. I have to say that they have saved his hide, quite literally, more than once. But their practicality was rapidly coming to a close this summer. A few skids into the hay left little for duct-tape to hold together. It was time for Wolf to upgrade.

Custom leathers. NJKs sized just for him. Not only that, they have his name emblazoned on the back with a rather cool paw print... yes, a wolf print. He looks like a super hero in his Red and black suit. Not quite a Power Ranger... cooler... hipper, faster.

This past summer we encountered a wolf... the small 'w', big teeth kind of wolf. It was also very cool, very fast, but very quiet. It was an interesting camping mate to say the least. Here are a compare and contrast of wolf/Wolf tracks.

Now, back in the city, the only Wolf tracks around here are the kind that my son leaves with his wheels on the road. Upcoming races include: King of the Forest at the Seymour Demonstration Forest, and then there is the fundraising event: Push for the Cure. More about them to come.