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My Kid is Printed Magazine Glory

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This was our surprise this week.  Wolf came home with the latest issue of Concrete Wave, the magazine for longboarders, and many skateboarders too, as far as I know.  (There are dozens of other skateboarder mags out there, but not so many that feature longboarding).  And there on page five, I think, and I should say all of page five, is this fantastic ad featuring the one, the only, Wolfgang Coleman, my fifteen year old son!!! Okay this is one proud mama here.  I can't help it. Wolf coleman in Concrete Wave Mag. ad

Not long ago, not one of us in our family envisioned that our son would grace the pages of this fine publication.  And now his sponsor, Landyachtz, featured him in an ad promoting their dropspeed board.  They have been good to him, and if he's happy, so am I.

What I have been so surprised with (but not really) is just how he hasn't let this go to his head; he's been rather humble about it.  Let's see how it is after my article comes out in Concrete Wave next issue. There will be lots more photos of my boy in that too, and many others as well.  I'll post that link when it comes out.