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What kind of a mother am I?

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What kind of a sane parent would allow their child to break the speed limit on some extraordinarily precarious roads, on a skateboard? I'll say this right up front, this isn't by choice. He'd do it with or without my approval. Not that he is at all disrespectful, he's far from it. In fact he is quite a sweetie. He loves to race. I know I have said this before, but it is still true. So, as his doting parent I supply him with a firm set of rules.

A) no helmet= no skateboard. This is an easy one to enforce as the whole of our local longboarding community is in support of this one.
B) no kneepads, elbow pads = no downhill.
C) No gloves = no sliding
D) and Leathers must be worn with elbow and knee armor when racing, I don't care how hot it is, nor does the pavement.

He balks at the elbow padding, I know that he doesn't want bursitis when he is 40 years old either. But he doesn't know that. Knee replacements are not an option, Okay, they are, but why provoke things? I say protect every inch of your speedy body and we'll both be happy. He thinks I’m over protective. I say give me a break.

We have a few more rules too, but they have to do with where he's skating and what races we'll sanction.

Generally, we have come to an understanding, if he rides safely and we’ll continue to support his longboarding. This has meant that I’ve had to do some research, with his guidance, to what gear best protects my lad. I’ve also had to give up on the idea that my son will every wear jeans without serious holes in them. Ahhh. What have we created?

So when he ‘cracks 60m/hr down a mountain road, I can rest easily. Right? Well, not really, he’s still by boy. But I’ll do my best, that's just the kind of mother I am.