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A fast summer

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This summer is going by rather quickly, but for my son, who now is in full race season, it is going quicker yet.  He is riding so much more than during the winter season, and he seems to be pushing his skill level higher too.  I haven't seen him race since the Gold Rush Challenge.  The next race/ ride he goes to, he'll be with my sister--the rest of his family will be cheering him on from a distance.

Yesterday, I had a fun boost as I had an article published in a Canadian national newspaper about my role as mother to a high velocity child.  Do read it if you are so inclined.  Being the parent of an extreme sport child is not an easy one, we are parents who are quickly criticized by the rest of the parental population.  I wrote the article to try to shed some light on the topic and the serious thinking that went into our position.  

A link from my own website will take you directly to the article.

My best advice is listen to your kids, and listen to your heart and sometimes a little compromise is needed.