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2016 Virginia Tech Football Helmet Ratings: Helpful But Come With Limitations

Nine football helmets have earned five stars in the 2014 Virginia Tech STARHelmet Ratings,TM but experts, including the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment, say the results should be viewed with caution in light of a host of methodological limitations.

Spring Youth Football: Even A Tornado Won't Stop It

A Dallas mom enters the strange new world in which youth football is played, not just in the fall, but in the spring, an alternate universe in  which even a tornado in the area isn't enough to cancel practice and April 30th is the new New Year's Eve.

Head Impact Exposure in Youth Football Surprisingly High

Youth football players get hit on the helmet almost as hard as older players but not nearly as often, says researchers at Virginia Tech.

Georgia Heat Acclimatization Guidelines

In 2012 Georgia became the sixth state to adopt heat-acclimatization guidelines to reduce the risk of exertional heat stroke among high school athletes.  In adopting  key recommendations from a 2009 statement from the National Athletic Trainers Association, the Georgia High School Association joins Connecticut, New Jersey, Texas and North Carolina.  Since then 10 other states have adopted the full set of heat recommendations.

"Wide-Eye'd Blind": A Must-See Football Video

If you are an athletic director, football coach, game official or parent concerned about reducing the number of concussions and catastrophic head, neck and spinal injuries in the sport and have 25 minutes to spare, my non-profit, Train 'Em Up Academy, has produced an enlightening, empowering and powerful video, called "Wide-Eye'd Blind."

Why do I call it that? Because as a nation, we are literally standing by, with our eyes wide open but blind to the fact that our greatest resource, our young people, are suffering needless injury in the name of sport.  

Protective Cups: Essential Piece of Sports Safety Equipment

Protective cups and jock straps are worn under an athlete's uniform as part of the base layer of their underwear. The cup is primarily for supporting and protecting a boy's testicles or genitalia.  Cups are recommended equipment for just about any sport your son plays which involves a puck, a ball, or possible collision or contact with another player, explains MomsTeam's Brooke de Lench in this informative video.

Buying Mouth Guards

There are three kinds of mouth guards, but, regardless of type, they help prevent injury to the mouth, teeth, lips, cheeks and tongue. But they are also breeding grounds for bacteria, so they should be sanitized daily.

Extending Concussion Safety Laws To Cover All Youth Sports Programs Essential, Says Sharon van Kooten of Indiana

A concussion suffered by her 8-year-old son playing youth football, and the way it was managed - or, in his case, mismanaged - prompts a mother to write a lengthy letter urging her state legislators to extend her state's concussion safety laws to all sports programs using public facilities.

Football Safety: A Properly Fitted Helmet Is Critical

New guidelines have been issued for ensuring that a football helmet fits properly, which a 2012 unpublished research paper found was a simple but effective step in minimizing risk of concussion and catastrophic brain injury.

Coach Bobby Hosea's GTS-Science: Advancing the Science of Tackling Safety & Performance

CROWN first impact while in the act of making a tackle is the PRIMARY cause of all catastrophic injuries on every level of football competition.  Remove the CROWN from the collision and eliminate avoidable injuries.

In 1997, my 12-year-old son Steven (my only son) told me that he was ready to play tackle football.  In that moment, I experienced several emotions.  The first was one of pride: my little man finally wanted to be like his Dad and play football.  I had shown him and his older sister, Ranae, my old tapes on the VCR since they were babies. 

The other emotion was one of fear.  A fear of seeing my little man not getting off of the ground due to a catastrophic injury to his head, neck or spine.

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