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Sarah Burke's Death: A Reminder To Take All Head and Neck Injuries Seriously

Vertebral artery (e.g. whiplash) injuries, such as the one that claimed the life of Canadian freestyle skier, Sarah Burke, can occur to athletes in contact sports, such as football and hockey, and sports where falling is common, such as skateboarding and skiing

Protective Cups, Jock Straps, Supporters: Essential Equipment for Contact and Collision Sports

When your son plays contact or collision sports, there is always the risk of testicular injury.  To protect against such injury, boys need to wear a cup.

Ivy League Football: A Trailblazer in Concussion Prevention, Says Penn's Laudano

New rules in place by the Ivy League for the 2011 football season - including a reduction in the number of full-contact practices and drills - were designed to protect student-athletes from subconcussive hits considered a possible cause of long-term brain injury,

Hey Coach, I Just Want You to Listen to Me!

If you're actively coaching sports, please don't let that vein in your forehead burst before I get done explaining why I believe it is so hard to be a well-liked coach with a winning record to boot.

A good youth sports coach knows how to listen. Really listen.

High School Football: Team Doctor Was This Year's MVP

The lights may have gone dark at the football stadium at her local high school, says one Texas mom, but the team will be in the hunt for a playoff berth again next fall if only because she knows that this year's MVP (Most Valuable Physician) will be coming back for another season.

Contact Lenses Or Protective Goggles If Wearing Helmet With Face Shield?

For helmets with visors or face shields, contact lenses are better than protective eyewear because they don't fog up when an athlete sweats or plays in humid conditions, but it is important to ask your child's eye doctor if they are old enough for contacts, says optometrist Noah Shriber.

Friday Night Lights: More Than Just Football

What makes Friday Night Lights so special, in Texas and around the country, is more than just football, says one mom; it is also about cheerleaders, drill teams, and marching bands, whose hard work and talent deserve just as much recognition from the community as the other athletes on the field.

Becoming a Football Mom: A Personal Checklist

With her 11-year-old son just days away from his first game in 11-on-11 tackle football,  a mother in football-crazy Texas pauses to reflect on her journey so far as a football mom.

Ivy League Football Completes First Season Under New Concussion Prevention Rules

The Ivy League adopted groundbreaking new rules for the 2011 football season intended to lower the risk of concussion and the number subconcussive hits, including reducing to two the number of full-contact, in-season practices allowed per week. New research suggests that such repeated hits may cause more brain damage than blows resulting in diagnosed concussions.  

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