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Push for the Cure

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Push for the Cure is an annual event during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

My son, Wolf, along with other longboarders will be pushing, not riding downhill, for three days covering the territory from Hope, BC. right into Vancouver, BC. to Stanley Park. This is a long a grueling event totalling 156km, or 97 miles. But it gets better, it actually is an event mostly done by young folks and with the majority being young men, who are raising awareness and money for The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. The push is actually all across Canada, this weekend, but he is riding in the BC, Vancouver to Hope leg. He has raised a fair amount of money for his efforts, and even more good will.  

His desire to participate in this event shouldn't surprise me at all, as when he was about 12, he shaved his very long hair for cancer, raising about $800, plus he donated all the hair to a company that makes human hair wigs for kids who are going through cancer treatment.

I am just so proud of him I could cry.

 Wolfgang longboarder Salt Spring BC